Magic of Bosnia

Last week I had an opportunity to work on a project for amazing people from Funky Guerrilla and

while driving through Bosnia I witnessed its magic. We drove through Bosnia for four days and

visited places like Jajce, Kupres, Sarajevo, Mostar, Vlašić and others. As I dont want to uncover the

project we were working on ill just post some photos here of the magic Bosnian landscape for you to enjoy.

When the project finishes Ill let you see the final work that this cooperation made.



Skies over Berlin

I am more of a country boy but I fell for Berlin. I fell for its parks, beautiful U-bahns, the sheer  randomness of the city

and its inhabitants. Berlin is a beautiful caricature of diversity in urban places. A place where history and people meet.

Amazingly different architecture makes you see that Berlin was a lot of places merged into one. It is comforting to see

people smiling on subways and dancing in the parks. The constant changing weather and the unending flow of traffic

and people make the chaos that is Berlin complete. Here is a little gallery of my vision of Berlin. Enjoy.



Best summer of my life (part 1)

Since the 2016 started, I had a good feeling about it and that it would be a meaningful year. The summer of 2016 proved I was right. I had one of the best summers of my life with so much happening that it was borderline funny 🙂 … My summer started way before the actual summer, but thats because of my way of life. My summer of 2016 started out with a feeling of Utopia.

With Boom 2016.

And as I am a big believer that photographs tell you  so much more than words can here is a small gallery from Boom festival that hopefully will let you experience the love that has been spread there all the time with friends one could only wish for.